[dent] A 'dent' can be positive or negative. We embrace that conflict, but always strive for positive, profound, and lasting impact.

[sacrifice the 'e'] We are scrappy, agile and resourceful, and we stray away from the conventional.

[r] “r” turns our namesake into a verb. We believe action is the prerequisite to any successful outcome.

[co] We co-create, co-llaborate, and are driven by teams of people.

The "Comet"

The DENTR icon was created with the concept of 'impact' in mind, which is the backbone of our brand. It resembles a comet which denotes action, forward movement, and acceleration.

The Genesis of DENTR:

The quote that inspired our name: “We're here to put a DENT in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?” - Steve Jobs

I'm still torn between Dent vs Dentr...dent is simpler and cleaner and easier to read, but Dentr is more verb/action...and describes the person. 🤔

Yes! I'm into it. The 'r' is kind of disruptive which is nice, we talk about making people uncomfortable a lot

This is the quickest I've come up with a brand name before 🤣 (20 texts)

Speed and Rigor!

Save the thread...can go on our About Us backstory tab on a website! Great story to illustrate the purpose and value of incubation!

The People Behind the Brand

We are "t-shaped” professionals with a breadth & depth of experience combining Fortune 100 rigor and entrepreneurial agility to develop breakthrough brand and business strategy, innovation and action plans, and team culture -- all driven by the clarity & confidence to be successful.