What’s the secret to creating a landing page that wins over customers? Ask 10 different strategists and you’ll get 10 different answers – but there’s one point that we’d likely all agree on. It starts with a strong, differentiated, and crystal-clear brand point of view.

In the world of consumer product goods (CPG), standing out from the competition is a relentless challenge. With countless options vying for consumers’ attention, having a well-defined brand point of view is your secret weapon for all communications (including but not limited to landing pages). It’s what sets you apart, creating a compelling and memorable identity that invites your audience to re-evaluate your category (and competitors) – and for just a moment see things through your brand’s perspective.

The Power of a Strong Brand Point of View

Take a brand like Olipop, the fastest-growing functional beverage brand set to reach $200M in sales this year (a 100% increase from 2022). With their ‘healthier’ soda that provides fiver and prebiotic digestion for improved gut health, the brand has mastered the art of differentiation, not just with their product but with a bold point of view that takes on behemoth competitors Pepsi and Coke. Their ‘Ditch the Zero’ platform makes a compelling statement about the legacy brands and the ‘compromises’ customers are making even when they think they’re choosing a healthy alternative.

That point-of-view is brilliantly projected through this landing page from the brand.

Here’s what makes this a great example of strategy in action:

1. Calling Out The ‘Monster’: Olipop balances product difference with brand POV by calling out the monster (unhealthy soda companies) and familiar villains (Pepsi/Coke) for compromising on healthy ingredients. They invite you to “ditch the zero” and embrace something truly healthy, aligning their product with their distinct brand point of view.

2. Clear Value Proposition: Olipop doesn’t just sell a beverage; they are championing digestive health. As you scroll down the page, the brand communicates the benefits of their product while also making a point about how customers are settling for ‘zero sugar’ when they could be benefiting their gut health with an Olipop soda.

3. Engaging CTAs: Their landing page doesn’t just inform; it inspires action. Right off the bat, the brand has two bold calls-to-action, ‘Ditch the zero’ and ‘Switch to Olipop’, emphasizing confidence in their position and product, sprinkled in with prominent ‘Shop now’ buttons that guide visitors towards making a purchase, turning casual browsers into customers.

Examples of High Performing Landing Pages Projecting Brand Point Of View

Here’s two more examples of high-performing landing pages that embody this approach:

1. Casper

Casper’s promise for a better night’s sleep is echoed across their communications, product innovations, and this ‘Why Casper?’ landing page. It mirrors their product’s simplicity and comfort, emphasizing how they’ve disrupted the sleep industry, and why sleep is a super-power their customers care about.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb’s landing page reflects their brand’s identity – the idea of “belonging anywhere” with a compelling shift in perspectives around travel accommodations; live like a local when you travel. The visuals showcase unique homes, places and experiences, while the copy fosters a sense of adventure, aligning seamlessly with Airbnb’s brand point of view.

The Takeaway

In the world of CPG, a strong brand point of view is the foundation upon which marketing (particularly high-performing landing pages) are built. It’s not just about showcasing your product; it’s about telling a story, sharing a vision of your ‘universe’, and making an emotional connection with an audience that shares your brand perspective. Execution is key – every communication, product, partnership, etc should harmonize with your brand’s identity.

Whether you’re an established brand looking to revamp your online presence or a startup embarking on your digital journey, never underestimate the power of a strategic landing page. It’s yet another touchpoint that has the power to move your brand positioning forward – not just to sell products, but to leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of your customers.