TLDR Summary:

  • Young & Co joins the DENTR Family as ‘DENTR Creative’.
  • We will continue to offer creative execution services with a focus on illustration of brand strategy.
  • ‘Creative prototyping’ introduced for real-time ideation during in-person workshops.

We’re thrilled to unveil a transformative chapter in our journey as DENTR warmly welcomes Young & Co into our fold. The acquisition of this creative agency marks the genesis of a new alliance under the banner of ‘DENTR Creative’.

Under this new mantle, the creative prowess of Young & Co seamlessly converges with the strategic finesse of DENTR. We’ve embraced the clients, talent, and invaluable assets of Young & Co, ensuring an impact that resonates across every horizon.

While the core essence of DENTR Creative remains steadfast, offering the array of services synonymous with Young & Co — from visual and vocal identity design, collateral development, website design to brand marketing, campaign development, and photography/video production — our compass now points towards something greater.

DENTR Creative is poised to infuse life into the brand positioning and narratives of our esteemed strategy clients. Through the collaborative spirit of DENTR Strategy’s facilitative sessions, we introduce the revolutionary concept of ‘illustrative prototyping’. This novel approach serves as a real-time litmus test for ideas, platforms, and potential executions, setting a new standard of excellence.

Our commitment to innovation, culture, and identity has found a new zenith with this dynamic collaboration. We invite you to explore the synergies that will shape the future when creativity and strategy converge under one visionary banner: DENTR.